Rosie from The Brighton Flower Co. & the NQi GT Cargo

It’s finally time to reveal some of the pictures we’ve been working on with The Brighton Flower Company! Keep an eye on our social media for more!

As many of our customers know, NIU is a global brand with its headquarters based in China. But here at our UK branch in Brighton, we try to work as closely as possible with local, small businesses. We understand the importance of getting involved in and supporting our local community, so we have decided to collaborate with an amazing, family-owned flower company from Brighton!

They are a team of skilled, friendly & creative florists based at 102 Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2AA. They have a great reputation, never letting down their beloved customers and always trying their very best to keep up their high standards and fantastic service. 

The great news is that starting from November 2020 they will be delivering all over the UK! Although (for now) they’re a small team, formed by Kate, her partner, children, brilliant employees and even her parents, they’re growing rapidly! One of their main goals is to improve sustainability, which we are also working hard towards. If you’d like to support this small, but mighty business and cop yourself or a loved one a magnificent bouquet click here.

So, after a couple of phone calls and emails with the owner, Kate, she decided to go ahead with our collaboration. Rosie, a charming employee of The Brighton Flower Company, has agreed to be our model. Just a few days later, we sent our brand photographer out for a fun & energising shoot with Rosie. It took place in Brunswick Square, Brighton, showcasing the stunning bouquets, filled with vibrant, autumnal colours, the NIU NQi GT Pro Cargo, and the beautiful Rosie, delivering the flowers. 

The reason we decided to collaborate with The Brighton Flower Company is because the NIU NQi GT Pro Cargo is the perfect delivery scooter and it’s a must-have for businesses like Kate’s. The smart electric scooter boasts a reinforced tailbox bracket that enables the owner to install a variety of cargo boxes. The 2,400W Bosch electric motor with 65Nm torque makes it powerful enough to carry heavy cargo. The lithium-ion battery ensures long range and reliability.

The NQi GT Pro Cargo also provides internet and GPS connectivity allowing for fleet optimisation. Everything from battery monitoring, to GPS, to ride history, the NIU app keeps the rider and operator informed about the whereabouts and health of their (fleet of) NQi Cargo scooters. The app provides an advanced anti-theft system. With GPS it is possible to track the position of the scooter in real time. 

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