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£1,359 +otr including government grant (PiMG)

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Over One Billion Kilometers of Riding Data

Different driving habits, modes of acceleration, and energy consumption all
impact our riding. With our collection of nearly one billion kilometers of user
riding data, NIU has successfully uncoveredthe real-city factors that
influence our everyday riding habits. Using 150,000 riders in our study
sample,we created a smart scooter that’s purpose-built for the city.



Bosch Motor

Through extensive research and analysis, we proudly present
our cutting-edge brushless magnet motor. Each component
of the U-Series’ electric powertrain has been precisely
designed to achieve the perfectbalance between power and
energy efficiency, ensuring that the motor provides
sufficient power while reducing power loss.

Electronic Braking System (EBS) & Regenerative Braking System

When you hit the brakes on a normal scooter, kinetic energy produced and then wasted. With our EBS, the kinetic energy produced
during braking is captured and recycled back into the battery, extending your range by up to 6%.

Daytime Running Lights


At NIU, safety is our top priority. The U-Series is equipped with daytime running lights and a 360 degree LED lighting system. Pedestrians and drivers have no problem
spotting you when on the road, reducing the likelihood of accidents. The U-Series has an all-new external "Halo" headlamp that is first and foremost designed for
safety while also being a bit quirky; letting the U scooter standout for both its form and function.

What is Pimg?

The PiMG (Plug in Motorcycle Grant) – is given to the retail customer in the form of a 20% discount off the usual price of the Scooter or Moped.  This grant is offered by the OLEV (Office of Low Emission Vehicles) department of the UK government.

This is to encourage the use of electric vehicles (specifically two-wheeled) in the UK, within major cities with congestion and ultra low emission zones in place. Being ULEZ (ultra-low emission zone) compliant, the whole Niu range comes to you with this 20% discount already applied when you purchase from your Niu stockist.  With plans to make all major cities in the UK energy compliant, with the use of special lanes, congestion charges and electric vehicle only lanes – there has never been a better time to take advantage of the PiMG and start enjoying free road tax, free access to ULEZ and congestion charge areas along with ZERO petrol costs and the freedom of the Niu scooter range.

For now, you can test ride, and select your Niu scooter – safe in the knowledge that you are making a difference and the government is supporting your lifestyle decision